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Using our solution you can increase revenue and reduce expenses without need to invest at all.

The average car spends parked approximately 95% of the time during operation which means that the car is operational, on average only about one hour a day. Parking as one of the infrastructural elements of the cities  is very important for the normal conduct of all activities of citizens and other subjects. The problem of parking (the organization and collection parking fee) is present in all urban units and it is not easy to handle, continuous improvement of parking enforcement requires efficient use of control and collection of parking fee.

Using our solutions, a Municipality will benefit in many ways, such as:

  • increased satisfaction of parking services users
  • reduction of costs with regard to maintenance and emptying of automatic parking devices
  • solutions are customer friendly
  • solutions are independent of the parking lot infrastructure
  • no need for the use of stickers, cards and other notifications which need to be placed in the vehicle or on its windshield

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